"Raw steel transformed into precision"
Welcome to Korth USA
Korth USA is a division of Earl's Repair Service, Inc.

Dear visitor, for almost 50 years Korth has been a manufacturer revered in the German-speaking world for its dedication to manufacturing handguns renowned for their high precision, long life, superb accuracy and perfect finish.

Among the thousands of satisfied owners are crowned heads of state, prominent celebrities, the international jet set, and high-ranking police and security officials of many nations.  What is common to all Korth owners, regardless of rank or social status, is their unique attitude to firearms:

To possess perfection and precision in their weapon of choice.

For them, a gun must be more than a soulless industrial product that may, by chance, work as advertised if they do their part. For them, the fascination lies in another, intangible quality: That of possessing a weapon with a true "personality".

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