"Raw steel transformed into precision"
The Korth Philosophy

Today the word "quality" is often misused and hardly understood. Here is what it means to us: Korth will refuse to use any material or manufacturing method which will result in an inferior product. For the customer, this means:

selected materials
specially engineered designs
the highest standard of workmanship
a perfect finish
stringent inspections and quality controls

All Korth arms feature specially selected high-alloy steels. For example, all important revolver components such as the frame, crane and even the sideplate are completely milled from drop forgings. After machining operations, all components are subjected to a proprietary process to achieve a surface hardness of up to 60 HRc (Rockwell c scale). The result is a handgun with an incredibly long life expectancy with a continually high standard of accuracy. Approximately 600 individual operations are required to manufacture one revolver. Of these operations, only about 30% are actual machine work. The rest, all of 70%, are true "man-hours": Hand work, fitting, inspection and making sure that every aspect of the gun is flawless. Every moving part is assembled, fitted and adjusted by skilled craftsmen, some who have devoted nearly all their working lives to producing the best handguns in the world.
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