Semi-automatic pistol   2010 Retail Prices
  10 % F.E.T. included
Caliber: 9mm Luger, 9X21 IMI, .40 S&W, or .45ACP    
barrel, extra magazine    
High polish blue finish   POR
Matte silver plasma finish   POR
Polished silver plasma finish   POR
Polished blue plasma finish   POR
Tactical Model: .45ACP, 8 shot, finish: high polish blue   POR
Schalldämpfer Model: 9mm, threaded barrel, high polish blue POR
Further options:    
Spare magazine   $150.00
Magazine loading aid   $30.00
Firing pin safety   $350.00
Suppressor barrel with thread protector *   $395.00
Suppressor 9mm or .45ACP   $995.00
*Additional cost (in lieu of the standard barrel)    
Walnut grips, checkered   $219.00
Walnut grips, smooth   $212.00
Palisander grips, smooth   $227.00
First grade walnut grips   $295.00
Selected walnut case   $850.00
Elm case   $600.00
Standard Black leather briefcase   $600.00
Deluxe Black leather briefcase   $850.00